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Ladies are your back,neck and shoulders painful? Would you like to enter Total Bliss?

I am Kerry Abbs proprietor of Total Bliss Therapies. I am able to offer you a tantalising choice of luxury, bespoke, holistic massage treatments tailored to your needs. You have the opportunity to experience them right here at West Heath Barns.

About me
I have a nursing background and 16 years ago began my holistic therapy journey. I have since obtained qualifications in Anatomy and physiology and an array of wonderful massage therapies. I have a mobile practice and a treatment space in my home in Holt. I take great pride in what I do and enjoy every moment. My nursing enables me to take it to another level so you will receive more than just a massage. I will do this by tailoring a treatment just for you. I will formulate a clear plan which will aim at relieving specific problems. Whether it is simple relaxation you require or relief from a specific health problem,I would love to help you.

Aromatherapy full body massage
I will make a blend of oils just for you using high quality essential oils. The base oils I will choose for you will be pure, natural and have many health benefits themselves. This is an hour of sheer bliss! You will lay on my high quality,sumptuous warmed couch. I will keep you snug with soft, warm towels,candlelight and relaxing music. I will list the many benefits of massage at the end.

Aromatherapy leg and foot massage.
Our legs and feet work so hard they deserve to be given some love back! I will give your feet a deeply relaxing soak in wonderful effervescent healing salts. I will then exfoliate them and then begin the massage. This can all be done on my couch. A fantastic, rejuvenating treatment for tired legs and feet.

Aromatherapy back,neck , head and shoulder massage
My signature massage encompassing Indian head massage techniques too which results in total bliss! I can target specific areas of tension and muscular pain. You may have relief from pain and feel invigorated yet deeply relaxed. Tension in these areas is extremely common and it is the most requested treatment.

Aromatherapy facial
You will have a cleansing steam over a hot bowl of water infused with essential oils. This will follow with a soothing, deeply relaxing aromatherapy facial massage. This is fantastic for clearing the sinuses and bringing clarity of mind and improving skin tone.

Ayurvedic Thai Foot,leg and hand massage
The feet are soaked and exfoliated followed by a deeply relaxing massage. It involves some gentle stretching and massaging specific reflex points. By manipulating specific central reflex points the body's immune system is stimulated to restore balance to the body, mind and soul. It is very comforting to have your hands massaged too.

Indian Head Massage
When I had my first Indian Head Massage I was blown away! I just had to learn so I could give that experience to others.This can be done seated. I will use essential oils to add an extra element of therapeutic value. It involves a range of movements ranging from deep kneading, to light gentle strokes. The head,face,neck,upper back,scalp and upper arms will be included. This will release some deep tension and leave you feeling unbelievably relaxed and revived.

Reiki healing
My journey into holistic therapies began with Reiki. It is a treatment that is challenging to explain but an experience everyone should have at least once. It is done fully clothed,laying or sitting. It is very gentle and I will place my hands where I feel they are needed. You may feel warmth,tingling and a sense of oneness. The universal energy that is always available to us is tapped into and countless possibilities of healing are possible. I have used Reiki on many animals who are particularly fond of it. I have also used it on many terminally ill people.

Deep Tissue Massage
This will be available very soon but I have not completed the course yet. It's my latest edition. I chose this in response to some clients asking for a deeper,stronger massage. It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. The pressure is at times deep and concentrated on areas of pain and tension in order to reach the connective tissues surrounding muscles. It is particularly good for chronic aches and pains,stiff necks,upper and lower back.

The many benefits of massage

  • Encourages lymphatic drainage(realising toxins)
  • Restores balance to the mind,body and spirit.
  • Relieves stress.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Calms and soothes.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Reduces nervous tension.
  • Can help encourage deep,nourishing sleep.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Unblocks negative energy.
  • Breaks up deep knots of tension in the body.
  • Gives clarity to the mind and a sense of well being.
  • Improves joint mobility.
  • Reduces or eliminates pain.
  • Reduces depression.
  • Improves posture.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Relaxes muscles.
  • Relieves head aches and migraines.
  • Helps us breath more easily.
  • Leaves you feeling fantastic!

Aroma Natural
A note on the wonderful products I use. During your stay at West Heath Barns you will get to use gorgeous,natural,hand made toiletries created by Aroma Natural. I use their products for my treatments and they are luxurious and divine. They are a local business with good ethics and a personable approach.

My prices will vary depending on how many people book.

  • 1 person for a free consultation and a full hour massage £55
  • 2 people for a free consultation and a full hour massage £50
  • 3 people and onwards £45.

How to book
Feel free to call me 07814454539 or 01263 711796
E mail: totalblisstherapies@outlook.com
Find me on Facebook: Total bliss therapies.

To book, please call or email me for availability. I look forward to meeting you. Have a wonderful time!